Two guys get their asses fingered in gay frat hazing scene

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What is needed for hot hazing rituals? You need a big gay fraternity with members who know their stuff and who get new sexy guys applying for membership. You also need a camera and some booze and you have it all. Check out this great scene and see how they do it at this gay frat. See as one of the new candidates gets on his knees, puts on some gloves and then fingers other new candidates. The guys can really take some serious fingering as you will see in one of the best gay hazing rituals ever done.

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Young frat member servicing his new buddy in gay hazing

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This website is here to provide you with your daily dose of hazing rituals that almost every gay frat conducts on regular basis. This time, you get to see one of the best hazing rituals we have ever had here and it comes to us from a gay fraternity from the West coast. These guys know how to organize a day out with new members having some gay fun for the viewing pleasures of the older members. See how this young twink takes care of this humongous dong. You are going to love it.

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Pounded deep and hard against the foosball in gay frat hazing

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Gay frat hazing rituals is the name of the game at this website that deals in these scenes that involve some very sexy young guys who are working some fat dicks, some of them for the first time ever. This guy in this one is not a first-timer and you can see that he is really enjoying the anal drilling he is getting from an older gay fraternity member. As far as hazing rituals go, this one has the steamiest action, with the guy really pumping that tight and creamy butt.

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Gay frat hazing in the pool filled with young and smooth bodies

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These guys from this gay fraternity really know how to come up with their hazing rituals. This time they decided to improvise an outdoor pool and they filled it with water and with piles of new eager members who are ready to do anything to become fulltime members. They are all told to strip naked and the pool soon becomes a cock and ass soup with creamy tight bodies all over it. It then gets a bit steamier and with all the sucking it becomes a proof this gay frat hazing is one of the best.

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Gallons of booze and inches of cocks in gay frat hazing

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This is why universities were invented. Ancient Greeks, those horn dogs had these hazing rituals in mind when they invented the whole concept of higher education. For example, this gay fraternity involves some very gay action in their hazing rituals, including new members stroking each other’s hard rods and much, much more. It really gets unspeakably wild in cases and you can see some crazy hazing rituals, like this one, Just take a look at these well-hung boys working those fat pieces of meat. BE sure to check it all out.

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