Gay frat hazing in the pool filled with young and smooth bodies

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These guys from this gay fraternity really know how to come up with their hazing rituals. This time they decided to improvise an outdoor pool and they filled it with water and with piles of new eager members who are ready to do anything to become fulltime members. They are all told to strip naked and the pool soon becomes a cock and ass soup with creamy tight bodies all over it. It then gets a bit steamier and with all the sucking it becomes a proof this gay frat hazing is one of the best.

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Gallons of booze and inches of cocks in gay frat hazing

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This is why universities were invented. Ancient Greeks, those horn dogs had these hazing rituals in mind when they invented the whole concept of higher education. For example, this gay fraternity involves some very gay action in their hazing rituals, including new members stroking each other’s hard rods and much, much more. It really gets unspeakably wild in cases and you can see some crazy hazing rituals, like this one, Just take a look at these well-hung boys working those fat pieces of meat. BE sure to check it all out.

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Gay frat hazing rituals in the army!

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If you want real hardcore gay frat hazing rituals, there is only one way to go, and it’s military. It seems that military academies are also into gay action nowadays as you are going to see some very sexy young army guys getting hazed like never before in their lives. Check out these new greenhorns as they are forced to strip down naked and then to suck each other of while the older members of the gay fraternity enjoy watching them do it. It’s all insanely steamy, like only army can do it.

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Public anal fucking in gay frat hazing action

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It is not easy being the newest member in a gay fraternity. In fact it can be quite an ordeal. That is if you are not into getting boned during these wild hazing rituals. You can see one of the steamiest hazing rituals of all times with all the members of the gay frat getting together one day and giving the newest members something to remember the college days by. Check out how they get plowed and how they plow each other while the older members watch and enjoy themselves.

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This gay frat really knows how to have fun with hazing rituals

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Gay frat hazing rituals usually include tons of humiliating gay action for guys who are not even sure that they like boys. Well, this gay fraternity does it a bit different. They put in a new twist for every one of their hazing rituals and this time it is an inflatable toy that gives these new candidates something else to work with. It is all very funny, but you also get to see some undoubtedly handsome and sexy guys involved in some hardcore gay action, don’t be afraid it’s just doll action.

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